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"Skater Nostalgia" 1990s

"Skater Nostalgia" 1990s

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Introducing our vibrant ESPRIT yellow frames with matching yellow lenses, a bold statement piece for those who embrace nostalgia and sustainability. These frames capture the essence of carefree childhood days, reminiscent of cruising down the street on a sunny afternoon.

Second-handedly sourced with a nod to eco-consciousness, they not only elevate your style but also contribute to a greener planet. Stand out in style while honoring the past and supporting a sustainable future with these striking ESPRT frames.

"Having launched eyewear in the Nineties, the brand has stayed loyal to its taste for casual and timelessly authentic designs. Developed by the Chartmant Group, renowned for their top of the line frames and their innovation, ESPRIT glasses earned a reputation for being comfortable without compromising on style or trends. " - eyeseemag 

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