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"Mirror, Mirror" Killington 1980s

"Mirror, Mirror" Killington 1980s

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Men's sunglasses. Step into a world of seduction and style with these 1980s Killington oversized black aviator frames, flawlessly made in Japan. Crafted with precision and impeccable attention to detail, these glasses exude an unmatched quality that is sure to leave you spellbound. They boast a thin yellow line running through the silhouette of the frame.

Equipped with reflective polarized lenses, these shades not only provide crystal-clear vision but also add a touch of intrigue to your gaze. 

Experience the undeniable quality and timeless style of these Japanese-made glasses. Be ready to command attention, exude confidence, and make a lasting impression with every step you take. LARGE FRAME! We recommend this for men with a wide frame.
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