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“Resilient Reflections”

“Resilient Reflections”

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100% of proceeds will be donated to Ukraine. Item will be auctioned in Silent Mixed Media Auction that will take place on Sun, 7/9 in Connecticut at the Ukrainian American Club.


Irish-Ukrainian Founder, Maureen Ryza, presents “Resilient Reflections.” 

1980 Persol Ratti frames rehabilitated with UV-protected blue and yellow lenses. Made in Italy, remodeled in NYC.

The bonded crack on this vintage frame holds more significance than meets the eye. It's a symbol of the country's unwavering strength and determination in the face of adversity. Despite the challenges and struggles that Ukraine has faced, it has managed to rise above and emerge victorious. This crack reminds us that Ukraine will not be broken, and its people will continue to persevere no matter what comes their way.

Put them on and feel the indomitable spirit of the Ukrainian people.”


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