This past week AZYR traveled to Mexico City for my dear friend’s bachelorette party. I decided to stay for a couple days afterwards to check out the flea markets around town. 

For those who have never been to Mexico City, I’ll give you a brief introduction from my perspective. The people are incredible — kind, cool, welcoming, and.. all very good looking.. Haha.

The food is amazing, restaurants can be as hole in the wall or as upscale as one could desire, Michelin stars everywhere. Plenty of vegan options, plenty of outstanding fish options.

To note from this trip, we had dinner at Contramar which I recommend as a can’t-miss. Get the tuna tostadas, thank me later.


We hit Xochimilco and our Abby girl wore her personal AZYR Specs, 1980s Brendel made in Germany. 

A never-ending list of things to do and see, as Mexico City is HUGE. New York has 9 million, CDMX has 20 million. Nightlife is plentiful with great cocktails, good wine, Berlin-esque clubs, swanky spots, and music that  will keep you on your feet all night long.

Sunday, the girls left and AZYR hit the flea. Now, we went to Tianguis La Lagunilla - truly a party in the street. Drinks, food, antiques, clothes, glasses, barbers, tattoo artists. I mean everything. We did come across a few vintage glasses dealers.

One collector, had glasses from solely 1960-1980. He had some glasses I had only ever seen in pictures, including a large inventory of unopened Polaroid glasses from the 1980s. If you’ve been following along, you know that I am a big fan of Polaroid. 

Although it was hard to pick, we ended up getting 4 frames from our amigo.

 After walking around for about 20 more minutes, I found my second glasses collector. Here, I found a pair of vintage blue Persol and Mexican-made black/gold sunglasses. He knew everything aobut glasses. He knew about Oakley in the 1990s, what Louis Vuitton was doing this season, what Persol had done 5 years back.

Although I felt like I did well in finding the specific frames, I did not leave feeling overall satisfied. When I think flea, I think digging through piles of someone's unwanted items — only to find treasure. On my way back I passed many more flea markets in the street, which I feel may have been geared less for tourists and less expensive.

While the vintage glasses may not have been plentiful, the artisans sure are. Handmade jewelry, purses, clothing, placemats, decor… everything is truly a work of art and made with passion and creativity.

Rest assured I took photos of each flea market I missed that Sunday, and I will be back to scour them.


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