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West Italy

"Spy Kids Era" West Italy 1990s

"Spy Kids Era" West Italy 1990s

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Channel your inner 90s edge and sporty style with these stunning cobalt blue metal frames from the illustrious Italian craftsmanship. 

The rounded rectangle wrap-around shape embraces your face, providing a sleek and sporty appearance that is both stylish and practical. Whether you're hitting the slopes, playing a round of golf, or simply enjoying an outdoor adventure, these frames offer the perfect balance of fashion and functionality.

With the original lenses still in great condition, you can enjoy excellent optical clarity and protection. And with the black polarized lenses, you'll experience reduced glare and enhanced visual comfort, ensuring clear vision even in the sunniest conditions.

Embrace the nostalgia of the 90s, exude a sporty vibe, and make a statement with these eye-catching cobalt blue frames. Step up your eyewear game with a touch of Italian craftsmanship, and let these frames be your go-to accessor. Experience the blend of style, functionality, and vintage charm that these frames proudly offer.
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